• Bekele Shanko

The power of love

Celebration of reconciliation in Eritrea

During 1998-2000, an estimated 120,000 Ethiopians and Eritreans died through a senseless war on the border of the two countries. Since then, in a "No war, no peace" situation, the two nations have spent fortunes in guarding their borders. In 2002, Eritrea declared national persecution on Christians. Reports indicated that many pastors have been jailed in containers. The number of people who perished in the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean sea trying to cross to Europe in search of peace and prosperity remains unknown.   

But in the past three months, we have sensed hope for the Horn of Africa. It seems God has raised up Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the new Ethiopian Prime Minister who is a follower of Jesus. Since his appointment, the Prime Minister has been preaching peace and unity and facilitating reconciliation and healing not just among the various ethnic groups in Ethiopia but also among the nations in the Horn of Africa. 

As a result, Ethiopia and Eritrea have reconciled, regular commercial flights have resumed after 20 years, and troops are being withdrawn from the border. The hope is growing for for the people in the region (Ethiopia,Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, South Sudan) to live peacefully with one another and to have access to the Gospel. Please pray that the love of God will be proclaimed in the region. 

a rally in Ethiopia supporting the new Prime Minister

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